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Plateau Mount Royal

The Wonderful City


Located between the slope of Mont Royal and Parc Lafontaine, the Plateau Mont-Royal is a trendy neighborhood that encompasses several neighborhoods with very different atmospheres. Climb the mountain for a great view of the city or stay down and dance to the rhythm of the spontaneous gathering of tam-tams every Sunday. Snap a photo of the typical Montreal townhouses, which are especially colorful in this neighborhood, or dine at L'Express, a popular French bistro that will make you feel like you've just stepped down the steps from Paris. Walk down Saint-Denis Street and Mont-Royal Avenue for a taste of what this very French neighborhood has to offer.




Montrealers are fond of festivals, so many anthills filled with the cultural passion of the metropolis. Whatever the season, the time or the temperature, one event does not wait for the next and you have the whole year to enjoy it. While music, circus or comedy bring together swarms of people of all ages, creating a truly unique festive atmosphere in summer, the city continues to shine in winter with festivals that celebrate vitality and creativity, from gastronomy to extreme sports.

The food


Montreal's "bohemian" genre has ventured in all directions for ungentrified borders, but the Plateau, with its heavily pedestrianized streets and colorful early 20th-century facades, continues to impress, particularly in the department food. Of course, the Plateau offers some of the city's most iconic foods and restaurants, like poutine, Portuguese roast chicken, and smoked meat (La Banquise, Ma Poule Mouillé, Schwartz's, respectively), as well as establishments renowned for a finer cuisine (Au Pied de Cochon, L'Express), but there are also plenty of options for other dishes worth trying.

There's plenty to choose from along the Plateau's main strips - Saint-Laurent, Duluth, Mont-Royal and Saint-Denis, but it's also worth browsing its side streets to discover some charming neighborhood gems.

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